I am an independent painter whose basic desire is to communicate with the world through art about what I feel. My paintings are not about what I saw it is about what I felt about.
I live in Toronto, Canada . I graduated with a fine arts degree in Tehran in 2000. Since then, I have been part of several group exhibitions as well as having a solo show. 
​My painting generally comes from what I experience in the real world. What delights me most is when I am working away without any preconceived ideas and suddenly something unexpected emerges from my dribbles and splashes.
​In the process of painting I try to cut out the inessential and arrive at a simplicity of form. I use colors to add expressive values. Art has been a part of my life and for me being creative is so important. I will be regularly updating it with new works.
Creating these works are a great delight for me. I hope some of that comes across to you in viewing these images.

​Parisa Razeghi